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Creative Techniques for Creative People

Glanside Creative Art illustrates the use of Glanside visual creative techniques.

What is Glanside?

  • Glanside is a Cocktail Bar where new and interesting ideas are mixed
  • Glanside is a Garden where new idea mixtures are cultivated and allowed to grow

Glanside is about Creativity.

About Creative Art

There are pathways in the brain that are able to use language to interrogate creative concepts, and produce original creative work in doing so. Other, and perhaps more intriguing creative work, results from the use of the brain's visual creative pathways.

Creative Art is about Visual Creativity

  • Creative Art offers illustrations developed through the application of Glanside visual creative techniques
  • Illustrations on Creative Art are annotated with the creative methodology used in their development

The Introduction to Creative Art provides an overview of Glanside visual creativity. The Latest Gallery on Creative Art provides examples of the latest work in this visual creative medium.

Welcome to Glanside Creative Art

Visible Reaction

Creative Art uses a wide range of creative techniques to fashion and forge visual illustrations.

Creative Expression

Every illustration on Creative Art is a possible response to a creative problem.

Brass Tacks

The creative approach behind illustrations is explained in the accompanying notes.

Creative Versatility

The Techniques shaping the illustrations of Creative Art can be applied to any field of creative work.

The Ice Beneath

Creative Art uses only a small array of the creative techniques available on Glanside Creative Thinking.

Your Key to Glanside Galleries

Opens a larger version of the illustration

Opens a summary of the creative methodology

Gallery: Latest from Creative Art

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Over Time


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This Is Art